The Path of a Penda Kid February 03, 2016 10:01

I wanted to share Morris' story with you as a testament to what a Kibera Penda Project high school sponsorship can do. Morris also wanted his story to be shared for the same reason. He wanted you to read his story and be encouraged to sponsor a high school student. Because Morris knows that his life would be completely different if he wouldn't have been a part of KPP. He is so thankful for where he is now, he hopes there will be many more students who can say the same things in years to come.


My Story
By: Morris Mulwa

My name is Morris Mulwa. I was born on February 22, 1996. I am the first born in my family. I have two siblings, a sister and a brother. We all stay with our mom, who is always responsible for our needs. My stepdad passed away in 2006, nine years ago.

I was born in upcountry but my mom moved to Kibera in Nairobi when she was still young. This was because she had given birth to me when she was only 17 years old. She used to work as a house help and it was the child of her boss that impregnated her. She was thrown out when this happened and went to stay with her aunt for about two years. She finally decided to come to Nairobi to look for employment together with me.

Life has not been easy staying in Kibera at times it was difficult to eat and for my mom to pay my primary school fees was a problem. There are so many challenges. Despite all of that, she worked hard to pay my primary fees. It was only when I was in 6th grade in the year 2008 when a group of people from the USA came to our school, among them were Kyle and Kelsey (founders of Kibera Penda Project). It was fun to spend time with them that year.

They came back to Kenya and our school, New Hope Academy when I was in 7th grade and then when I was in 8th grade, Penda Project promised that they would take us to high school if we could get good grades. I did well in my final exams in primary school. I was among the sponsored students who were taken to Lang'ata Boy's High School in the year 2011.

Morris, 8th grade

My first year in school, I was a day student. In the year 2012, I officially became a boarding student. Being a boarding student was easy for studies because I ate at school, slept in school and the environment was just awesome. It was in high school that I got exposed to many activities that gave me hope of life. I met students from rich backgrounds, who were visited at school by their parents who drove vehicles.

It's from such experiences that I first got the hope of one day coming to have my own family, with a wife and kids and make them have a nice life. It inspired me and transformed my reasoning capacity. The school also had some professionals who came to speak with us and motivating me for greatness.

In the year 2012, with me being in boarding school, eating and sleeping in school, enabled my mom to save some money and begin a charcoal business out of Kibera in Machakos county. It's from the business that my mom can provide a meal on the table and other clothing for us. In short, our lifestyle has been taken to the next level which is all because of the support I got from Kibera Penda Project.

Morris, January 2016


I cleared my high school in 2014 and a grade of a C-. I am so grateful that Penda Project is still taking me to college to study for a diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation which has always been my passion.  Come January in 2016, I am set to begin my studies. I am looking forward to that day which has only been through the support I get from Kibera Penda Project. All in all I am hoping and trusting in God that a day is coming when I will be able to sponsor a kid to make him or her bring their dreams a reality. I see myself in four years in employment in a place of my choice. It's all through the support I get from Kibera Penda Project that's making me to see my future.

Story of Change November 12, 2015 21:36

When I was in Kenya, I encouraged some of the high school graduates to write out there story- memories from childhood, big lessons from high school, what they are doing now. Here's Collins':

My name is Collins Aluka. I am from Nairobi, Kenya and am one of the beneficiaries of Kibera Penda Project. Living in the largest slum has its positive and negative impacts. Before joining New Hope Academy, I was a student at another school. I did my national exams (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) and I didn't score very well. Since my grades were very low I decided to repeat the 8th grade at New Hope Academy. A group from the USA visited and promised all of the 8th grade at New Hope Academy that if we score well they would take us to high school.


After doing my national exams for the second time, my dad was attacked by disease. My family members were to travel because my dad had gone through various tests but they never found the reason for his sickness. I was still young so my siblings and parents left me under the care of my uncle who would just come to visit once a week. After some time, he stopped coming, I think I was a big burden to him though I understood because he had his family who depended on him.

I had to start struggling alone. I worked some hard labor in construction. I remember one day coughing up blood. I had to pay house rent, food, cloths, electricity, etc. and I think God was preparing me. Life was like a rock on my back at that moment.

Kibera Penda Project came back and used it to rescue me! I usually try to put the past behind me, sometimes I don't ever want to remember it, but I focus on the future. My mom and dad separated when I was in 9th grade, though there were problems even before that. I lived with my single mom during high school, who is still struggling for my little siblings. I have one brother and three sisters, I am the oldest. Life in high school was not always easy but God made it possible for me.


Kibera Penda Project and New Hope Initiative are my inspiration to know Christ better and my inspirational journey. It's still unbelievable that I will be joining college. It is all in Gods grace. I am so thankful for all of the people who are helping people like me. In God everything is possible. It was just like yesterday, I was in primary, then high school and now I'm going to college.

"My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it."

- Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel